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Electronic Sector: 

4/2014 - present

Research and Development Bachelor Engineer
EBK Krüger GmbH & Co. KG, Adlershof, Berlin (Germany)

  • Product development (BVG, Bosch, Porsche, Daimler): feasibility analysis and cost calculation, specification setting (along with customer), hardware conception and development, software design and programming (PIC microcontrollers), development from test benches (Hardware and software), support to the Quality department, testing, commissioning and delivery to the client, writing of technical documentation
  • Software development (LabVIEW): machine vision in two production lines, test benches for specific tests
  • Programming of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): Siemens Simatic S7-1200, Bosch CL200, Siemens LOGO !, work with ASi-Bus and ProfiBus
  • Feasibility analyses and cost calculations for different projects

3/2010 - 7/2013

Research and Development Bachelor Engineer (Instrumentation and Control domain)
TEMAI Ingenieros, Coslada, Madrid (Spain)

    Work as an Instrumentation and Control Engineer in the headquartes of TEMAI Ingenieros and in test laboratories in aerospace and military range (A330-MRTT Air-to-Air Refuelling BOOM System Integration Laboratory, A400M Electrical Laboratory and EuroFighter 2000 Electrical Laboratory, within the facilities of Airbus Military in Getafe). NATO Restricted security clearance

TEMAI Ingenieros' Headquarters (Coslada):

  • Programming of test benches using National Instruments LabVIEW and C/C++; Hardware/Software integration
  • Work with different communication protocols (CANBus, ARINC429, Ethernet, RS232)
  • Evolution of an artificial vision test bench (analysis, studying, software programming using National Instruments LabVIEW)
  • Analysis of offers from suppliers
  • Technical support to clients and customers

A330-MRTT Air-to-Air Refuelling BOOM System Integration Laboratory (based at Airbus Military, Getafe):

  • Responsible of the execution of different kind of tests (Acceptance Tests, Certification Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests,...), based on various standard norms (RTCA/DO-160D, ISO2669, MIL-STD-704F), carried out on electromechanic actuators and electronic controllers to be installed on A330-MRTT aircrafts
  • Adaptation of the test planning to the specific characteristics of the test benches, as well as to the concrete working conditions
  • Execution of support tests to study failures detected in flight situation
  • Direct cooperation with the department in charge of the design of the different tests, as well as with the diverse suppliers of actuators, test specimens and controllers
  • Responsible of the migration of the Control and Instrumentation of a test bench based on National Instruments FieldPoint to a Real-Time system (National Instruments cRIO): specifications and requirements analysis, hardware/software definition and design, design and programming of Graphical User Interfaces, of Real-Time software and of FPGAs with National Instruments LabVIEW (Professional Development System, Real-Time, FPGA, MathScript modules), system integration and starting-up
  • Adaptation of Virtual Instruments to the conditions of each test
  • Definition and calibration of the measurement chains of test benches
  • Programming of scripts in MathWorks MatLab for the automation of the analysis of results
  • Writing, formalisation and distribution of documentation and technical reports in English and Spanish (test results, hardware/software specifications, conformity and qualification matrices, working procedures, technical reports to increase quality)
  • Creation of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations of the Laboratory
  • Analysis and comparison of offers from suppliers
  • Improvements identification and implementation, as well as tracking of new business and work opportunities

A400M Electrical Laboratory and EuroFighter 2000 Electrical Laboratory: (based at Airbus Military, Getafe):

  • Execution of diverse kind of tests (Electrical Quality, Integration Tests, System Tests,...), based on various standard norms (AMD-24, EN 50160, ABD and DO directives), carried out on the different equipment and devices that conform the electrical system of the A400M aircraft: Generators (VFGs, APU, RAT), Control Units and Power Distribution Centres (GGPCUs, PEPDC, EEPDC), Rectifier Units (TRUs, BCRUs), all of them integrated on the A400M System Integration Bench (SIB)
  • Start-up of a Project of Automatic Calibration of Measurement Chains inside the facilities of two laboratories (A400M Electrical Laboratory and EuroFighter Electrical Laboratory): specifications and requirements analysis, hardware and cable bundles definition, software definition and design, evolution of existing software, testing, calibration of measurement chains (VDC, VAC, IDC, IAC), calibration of transducers and devices involved in the project
  • Development of Test Automation software
  • Test results analysis using NI LabVIEW, NI DIAdem, MathWorks MatLab and Microsoft Word Script (Visual Basic)
  • Design and development of software and scripts for automatic analysis and publication of results
  • Writing and publication of technical reports in English

11/2008 - 3/2009

Senior Electronic Technician
Avistel S.A.R.L., Carrières-sur-Seine, Yvelines (France)

  • Electronic modification of digital televisions: welding of new circuit boards, microcontrollers and components, wire routing and linking up
  • Programming and tuning up of embedded software on the new components
  • Testing of the implemented IP televisions
  • Detection of failures concerning embedded electronics. Preventive maintenance and repair
  • Writing of technical reports
  • Quality management of products and services

7/2007 - 10/2007

Senior Electronic Technician
Etralux S.A., Madrid (Spain)

  • Installation, start-up and testing of different electronic devices and systems of information and communication in the urban bus network of Madrid: dedicated computers, routers, switches, antennas (WIFI, GPS, communications), Ethernet networks
  • Manufacturing and routing of cable bundles, cable looms and wires
  • Mounting of several standard connectors and wire clamps, wire crimping
  • Wiring and linking up of electrical cabinets and panels following schematics
  • Management of vehicles power circuits
  • Management of payment systems
  • Tuning up and adjustment of specific software

7/2005 - 8/2005

Senior Electronic Technician
Philips-Indal, Valladolid (Spain)

  • Technical luminaries assembly
  • Testing and verification of luminaries in test bench
  • Quality management of products and services

6/2004 - 9/2004

Senior Electronic Technician
Trelleborg Automotive UK, Trowbridge, Wiltshire (United Kindom)

  • Programmable Logic Controllers programming (OMRON, Siemens)
  • Computer Numeric Control programming
  • Routing of cable bundles and cable looms, mounting of connectors and wire clamps, wire crimping
  • Installation and connection of devices using industrial field buses (Profibus, CAN)
  • Wiring and linking up of electrical cabinets and panels following schematics
  • Detection of failures concerning embedded electronics in systems and devices
  • Operations of reparation and preventive maintenance
  • Quality control

Metallurgic Sector: 


Senior Technician
Mecapisa S.A., Industrial and Technological Park of Boecillo, Valladolid (Spain)

  • Preparation of material for solar trackers and photovoltaic modules

2/2005 - 6/2007

Specialist Technician at Frenos y Conjuntos, S.A., part-time
Adecco T.T., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Metallic pieces inspection and recuperation
  • Material packaging and storage

2/2005 - 6/2007

Specialist Technician at Metales Extruidos, S.A., part-time
Flexiplan T.T., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Metallic profiles cutting and packaging

7/2003 - 8/2003

Specialist Technician at Indalux Iluminación S.L.
Vedior-Laborman E.T.T., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Handling and maintenance of stamping hydraulic presses (hydroforming and stamping)
  • Handling and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic tools

10/2002 - 5/2003

Specialist Technician (aluminium die casting foundry)
Saeta Die Casting, S.L., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Handling and maintenance of stamping hydraulic presses (hydroforming and stamping)
  • Handling and maintenance of die-cutting, trovalising and shot blasting machines
  • Handling and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic tools (orbital sanders, grinders, drilling machines, threading machines)
  • Grinding and polishing with belt sanders
  • Programming of computer controlled drilling and milling machines

11/2001 - 9/2002

Specialist at TNT Productions Logistics Spain (for FASA Renault factory)
Adia E.T.T.-Adecco E.T.T., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Reception of incoming trucks
  • Computer databases processing
  • Forklifts handling (diesel, electrical, turning)
  • Parts storage
  • Parts loading (medium and large packing) for the different production chains

4/2001 - 11/2001

Specialist assembler at Tarsus S.A.
Umano-Randstad Empleo E.T.T. S.A., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Large steel structures assembly
  • Large industrial production chains assembly
  • Handling of grinders, drilling machines and riveting machines
  • Welding
  • Oxyacetylene cutting

4/2000 - 2/2001

Specialist at Arroyo S.A. (Renault dealership)
Sabico Servicios Auxiliares S.A., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Preparation of new vehicles

Experience in Other Fields: 

Warehouse keeper

4/2008 - 5/2008

Temporing S.L. (at Transportes Buytrago Express Valladolid, S.L.), Valladolid (Spain)

2/2001 - 4/2001

Transportes Martínez Souto, S.L., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Merchandise loading and off-loading
  • Merchandise storage
  • Forklifts handling
  • Computer databases processing

7/2005 - 6/2007

Paris Habitat OPH, Paris (France)

7/2005 - 6/2007

Chiringuito La Manca y Café El Diecinueve, Valladolid (Spain)

  • Customer-oriented work: customer reception and service
  • Contact with suppliers, carrying out of logistic tasks
  • Cashing up

Food handling worker

7/2003 - 9/2003

Queserías Entrepinares, S.A., Valladolid (Spain)

5/1998 - 11/1998

Donut-Panrico, S.A., Valladolid (Spain)

  • Work in different food-producing chains
  • Handling of tools and machinery
  • Foodstuff storage

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